Far Out Fashion- Can you dig it?

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Our favorite fashion trends from the 70’s are making a come-back– fringe, wide-legged pants, retro colors and patterns, even tie dye! I am not saying you need to dig out your old pair of go-go boots and bell bottoms. However, there are ways to incorporate that 70’s style into your modern day wardrobe without looking like you just walked out of a time machine.


This outfit says it all in just 3 important pieces– a white dress, yellow handbag, and pink wedges! Retro style in the 70’s included color blocking and bold statement accessories. I think that is what I love so much about 70’s fashion… it really reflects personality. Had I lived in the 70’s,  I  would definitely fall into this retro category. I love clean, tailored fashion. Pictured below are a couple more of our retro outfits!

Olivia Style


The earthy patterns and wild textures of hippie fashion appeal to those of us with a more laid back, “cool” and “care free” personality.. For me, hippie style = weekend style! Fringe and florals, a sun hat, and moderate jewelry– I love it!

Hippie 1The two pictures below might just be my favorite from this week’s 70’s photo shoot. Model, Karlee, is pictured in floral palazzos and a sheer pastel pink bell sleeve top. The outfit alone is precious, but what I really love is the long hair and “John Lennon” glasses! If a picture is worth a thousand words then this pictures says “far out,” “groovy,” “funky,” and above all, “Peace out man!”

John Lennon look

tye dyeI hope you have enjoyed these far out photos of our AllyOops models. All of this apparel can be found at AllyOops boutique! Stop by and let us take you back in time, fashion time, to when outfits were bolder, platforms were higher, and tie dye was to die for! Can you dig it?




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