Loving Plaid a “Latte”

IMG_0752plaid4Hello friends,

I have come to realize my favorite fall accessory, lattes. Everywhere I go, whether it be a football game, the mall, or even the pumpkin patch, I feel a tremendous urge to stop by my favorite coffee shop on the way! The autumn season welcomes all of my favorite Cups drinks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Apple Cider, Maple Lattes, and a new personal favorite of mine- the brown sugar chai fog! In the spirit of November and all things pumpkin, allow me to share with you my love of autumn, plaid, and good coffee!

Red, white, and blue is a standard plaid color combination. This shirt is light weight and very versatile. However, at AllyOops, we think it is best paired with this fabulous vest! Stay cozy and comfortable in this timeless outfit while you sip on some warm apple cider!
Orange and navy make for another great plaid color combination, especially for fall! This shirt is lightweight and similarly made to the red and blue shirt pictured above. A navy scarf is a great compliment to the pumpkin orange color on the shirt… I would say the Pumpkin Spice Latte would be a necessary accessory as well!
Traditional plaid comes in the form of flannel, like this cute shirt Lauren is wearing! The darker colors in the material make the vest really stand out. And of course, the AllyOops boots and cuffs make this outfit almost complete… the final touch rests comfortably in Lauren’s hand– a Pumpkin Spice White Mocha. This outfit is bold, just like a little shot of espresso!
Last but not least, shirts are not the only plaid we carry at AllyOops. We also have leggings! Cozy up with a good book, and a warm latte in your plaid leggings. Not pictured, are the cutest plaid purses which are currently on the way to AllyOops. Keep an eye open for their arrival!


Yours truly,


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