Real Fashion, Real Life, Real ME

Does anyone really care what I have to say? The experts say you do.  “They” say people want to get to know the person behind the business.  That you want to relate to the business and the owner.  You know, make a real connection.  If you shop my boutique in Pearl Mississippi, you will make a real connection with me.  I am there most days visiting with our guests and taking care of daily tasks.  In that setting I am a social butterfly and I LOVE the interaction.  I have gained many treasured friends and loyal guests.  But if you shop our store online however, it is a different story.  You may never meet me, we may never truly connect.  Thankfully through technology we have many social media platforms that give us an opportunity to meet like Facebook, Instagram, and of course, blogs.  Say the experts, “You need a blog!”

So about this blog thing.  I say, “I am just not that kind of girl”.  I hate being photographed and never take selfies, can’t stand selfies actually (although I have been forced into being a subject in my daughters selfie, what would that be called? a groupie?) Now you know, I must be over 30 when I ask that kind of question.  Anyway, being in the limelight is not my passion.  Being the life of the party, not so much.  I am more of an observer.  So my solution, get a blogger.  A beautiful, smart, young girl like…Olivia. Who, by the way, does an outstanding job blogging for AllyOops.  She lends a great perspective on fashion, life and beauty.  That being said, you still don’t get to hear from me, the owner, the one in charge, the woman behind the name. So I succumb, to the experts, just in case someone out there does want to hear what I have to say.

Here it goes, selfie and all.  I am a woman, a mom of two AMAZING daughters, a wife of a strong and loyal man, and a boutique owner with an AWESOME staff.  I never make my bed.  I rarely fold my clothes straight out of the dryer, they remain in a basket.  I love chocolate a little too much.  I am unorganized but I get stuff done.  I love JESUS cause he covers all my mistakes and shortfalls.  And now, I am a blogger.  Although in my case I use the term lightly.

As I embark upon this journey into the blogosphere, please be kind and I will be real. Real ME.

And now, ta-da, the selfie fail…wait for it, wait for it..you can laugh…I am still laughing!


6 thoughts on “Real Fashion, Real Life, Real ME

  1. You look beautiful as usual! I really enjoyed your Blog! You must do this more often
    I don’t know if your dad told you or not but everything I received for Christmas or any other occasion always comes from ALLYOOPS! I love it all!


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