The Last Page.

Dear Allyoops Friends,

41 blogs later, I am lost for words as I face the daunting blank page of my very last Allyoops blog. I hoped to remedy my writer’s block by shuffling through old articles, but that only seemed to set me further back as I got lost in a fit of reminiscing. From fashion tips, to life advice, and everything in between… it is amazing how much one can cover in 41 blogs. Through these articles I was able to document precious memories from my high school career. I gained dear friendships with the young ladies who always found time to be hair-and-makeup-ready for last-minute blog photo shoots. I was able to share with the world my passion for writing–a reward I am forever thankful for. In my reminiscing, I did eventually find the prompt I was looking for. Here it goes, my 42nd and last ever Allyoops Blog.

Top Six Editor Picks

1. Far Out Fashion Can you dig it? I distinctly remember the excitement and intense preparation going into this blog. I searched for days for the perfect “old glass coke bottles” we would use as props. Karlee my model for this blog, was the epitome of 70’s fashion, already. With the help of some John Lennon glasses, and a pair of floral bell bottoms, you would have never known this girl was from the 21st century.


2. Loving Plaid a “Latte” My favorite season, my favorite place, my favorite style, with my favorite people– this blog was an all around winner. The fashion focus was the timeless fall trend of plaid+fashion vest+riding boots! We did this shoot at my favorite coffee shop where each of us ordered something similar to the infamous “Pumpkin Spice Latte” and enjoyed our first off-site photo shoot! I’m pretty certain after all was said and done, my models Lauren and Payton went to work and I stayed in the coffee shop sipping a latte, relaxing, and writing away on my clever little blog– the title of which I was extremely proud of, ha!


3. The [Leather] Outside is Frightful The puns in my blog titles only got better throughout the season. The all to familiar lyrics of “Let it Snow” could not escape my master punning. How fitting? When the weather is frightful… leather is a good material to turn to! It holds in a lot of heat– exactly why we do NOT wear leather in the summer. While the title pun was definitely a favorite of mine, the photography is what made me love this blog so much. I mean my models are so serious and intense!! Maybe it’s the leather? They were absolutely stunning.


4. A Blog for Bogey This blog of course comes with some personal bias. I was never able to meet my grandmother on my mom’s side of the family, but I’ve always felt like I’ve known her just the same. Through my mother’s fond memories and countless pictures of her, I guess I could say me and Grandma Bogey are pretty close. This beautiful picture of her inspired a fashion blog about clothes that are simply.. timeless. Of course, I had to attempt to recreate the photo.


5. “…the greatest of these is Love.” Oh, Valentine’s day!! I remember wracking my brain on this one. Believe it or not, some of my guy friends had been asking when and how they could be blog models… I was never really sure if they were joking of not (if you know my friends you understand). Low and behold, I decided, what could be a better valentine-blog-accessory than dashing dates for my models? They were asked to be arm candy, and they did it with pride!! I don’t remember another photo shoot that included as much laughter and silliness as this one.


6. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” I guess you could say I am fond of the classics. I like good literature that forces the reader to think… a writer who can say one thing, yet mean something so much greater– well that is all I can ever hope to be as a writer! Dr. Seuss is a literary mastermind. His works have been a part of my life since the very beginning, and one particular book of his inspired a precious blog where I described the excitement and fears of graduating high school. It is hard to believe that I was writing this message only 2 and a half months ago. Today, my foyer is piled to the ceiling in boxes, and Target bags full of dorm supplies. Friday, it will once again be empty when I pack it all up and hit the road for Samford University. Dr. Seuss was right… Oh, the Places I’ll Go!! 

7I want to express my sincerest thanks to all who have been so supportive in my blogging endeavors. I am not sure from where my next writing will come– on a blog, in the pages of a magazine, or most-likely handwritten on notebook paper for a class assignment, ha! Regardless, I am so very excited for whatever is coming next. Thank you all for allowing me to share so much with you. Here’s to an adventure-filled new school year! God Bless all of you. I’ll truly miss this.

With love and sincerity,


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