To all my sweet AllyOops graduates!  I am so happy and proud of all of you.

I will surely miss you as life takes you on your new journey but I am confident that you are the ones who will be amazingly successful.  Now get out there and change the world!

Actually, this is the blog post I started writing last year to all my team members who were graduating.  I had several graduating from high school at the time. See how far I got into this post?  Three sentences.  Yep, that’s it.   Just trying to be “real” here.

This blog thing is challenging.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head.  I write them down on scraps of papers, on the computer, and even record them into my phone.  I have visions of beautiful pictures to communicate the story, but I have yet to follow through with the blog and be consistent.

This year I had a few young ladies graduating from high school and college.  So I thought I would pick up where I left off, better late than never right? Well, only in some circumstances.  We can discuss that another time.

Last year our high school graduates were Olivia, Lauren, Kimberly, Gabby, and Karlee.  Courtney graduated from Junior College and transfered to Mississippi State University and Lindsey was accepted into medical school.

I was right, as I predicted, all of these young ladies have performed exceptionally well.  They have adjusted to demands of college life and achieved high grade point averages.  They are, in their own way, changing the world.

They are all so unique, having different talents and aspirations.  Yet, they share a similar high level of motivation, integrity, and intelligence.  It was such a privilege to be a small part of their lives and enjoy watching them grow so much in such a short time.  Now, from the sidelines I still watch as they continue their life journeys. Or is that facebook stalking? Just kidding, that would be creepy, right? Right.

This year my two daughters Bethany and Caitlin graduated from Mississippi College, our gift wrapper Ashley graduated from nursing school and our sales team member Kaitlyn graduated from Brandon High School.  These young ladies are destined for greatness, the kind of greatness they alone will define.  They too will change the world.

So, hats off! Here’s to you!  Congratulations!  I love you all!  Now get out there and change the world! In your own unique way.






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