Bell Bottoms: The Comeback Kid

Bell Bottoms?  The stylish, and oh so inspiring 70’s trend has returned. I hear ladies everyday say how they could never pull off the bell bottom look or how that was a trend meant to stay in the past. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too keen on this new bell bottom trend at first, but then one night while I was scrolling on Pinterest I found it. The board of all boards: Bell Bottom Beauties! I started to understand why these bell bottom beauties were making their come back. Bell bottoms are the Comeback Kid of the season! So, I am going to share with you 3 ways that YOU can pull off this years biggest trend and feel fully confident in your fashion choice..


  1. Casual Bell Bottoms

I absolutely love how Jessica Alba paired her bell bottoms with a utility jacket. Any body shape could pull this look off. It silhouettes your best features. (Fashion Rule: With a tighter fit in the thighs you can wear either a tight top or a boxer top. That’s the great thing about bell bottoms.) Don’t forget to grab your favorite basic tee and bell bottoms to finish the look. Check out this utility jacket, it’s one of my favs. I love all the details and all the pockets.


2.  Dressier Bell Bottoms

Who knew that bell bottoms could be dressy? This model pulled it off perfectly. For a true night out on the town I would pair a dark wash bell bottom (Like these here) with a black heel and a black fitted top. If you want an over the top look, add a “blingy” statement necklace or a flashy earring.


3. Sweaters & Bell Bottoms

I’m all about a cozy look and this one is my fav!! Ever need the perfect go to outfit. Well this is it. Pair your bell bottoms with your coziest sweater for a Pinterest worthy look. To complete the look I’d pair this look with a chunky heel or bootie.

I hope after reading this you can have the confidence to go out and conquer today, in bell bottoms of course!





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