You’re never fully dressed without…

I have always struggled with accessorizing. And until recently,  I would send quick pictures of my outfit every morning to my mom. I always anticipated her thumbs up on my outfit or for her to tell me what I’m missing, whether that be a necklace or different pair of shoes. I lacked the confidence because I simply didn’t know the basics of accessorizing. In the last few months, I have searched Pinterest and bloggers everywhere to find the secret to accessorizing.

Here’s what I have found..

1. Always have the perfect pair of shoes.


I have found that I can completely botch an outfit with the wrong pair of shoes. I have learned it’s always good to have one good pair of booties, a versatile pair of wedges, ballet flat, and one trendy, fashion forward shoe (My choice for this season is the cutout peep toe bootie)



2. Jewelry is always a must..

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I am a firm believer that jewelry can change  any outfit. For example you can take a simple white tee and pair it with a statement necklace for a professional look or change it up with a long necklace and a cardigan for a casual look. Either way, the jewelry completes both outfits and without it you just have a plain ole tee and skinnies.

If you aren’t a “jewelry kinda girl”, then try a simple stud or a simple bar necklace (you’ll be surprised how much this adds to an outfit).  I have a bar necklace similar to the one pictured that I special ordered from AllyOops Boutique. I wear it with everything and I even layer it with my long necklaces.


3. Oh, for the love of.. SCARVES


Okay, I know it’s hot here in Mississippi, but it is technically fall. I envy people that live in states that actually have fall breezy weather. Because let’s face it, what’s fall fashion without a plaid scarf? I love accessorizing with scarves.They are super versatile! You can make them into a vest or wear ’em with a tee and skinnies, or even a cute skirt. My favorite way to wear a scarf in this hot weather is with my hair up in a messy bun and some simple studs. It’s crazy how a scarf can complete an outfit. Check out these cute plaid scarves!



4. Accessorizing w/ the perfect Handbag


This is where people make their biggest accessorizing mistake: Handbags. When purchasing a handbag make sure you get a bag that is VERSATILE and that fits with your day to day style. If you are artsy and bold, go for a bright statement bag. If your classic or preppy, go for a timeless Coach or Kate Spade tote. Whatever your style, make sure your bag is versatile enough to coordinate with your wardrobe.

One of my favorite bags this fall is the Emilia Medium Medallion Bag by Brighton. This bag is available at AllyOops.  I love the timeless color, yet it’s fashion forward with the medallion detail.


5. Bralette & Dress Extenders

It’s no secret that bralettes are this seasons go to fashion trend. I love how they add the perfect touch to any outfit. I wear my bralette with tops or dresses that have low necklines, or deep sleeve openings. Below are just a few examples of how to style a bralette. (AllyOops Boutique has a great selection of lace and stone wash bralettes)


6. “’re never fully dress without a SMILE..”

No matter what you are wearing, never forget to put on your smile. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel and look.

I truly hope these accessorizing tips helped you as much as they have helped me. So go forth and conquer this world, wearing your smile of course. Okay, and maybe a good pair of shoes 😉


Bethany Frazier

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