Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day.  Which means it’s time to release our AllyOops Gift Guide! Whether you are shopping for a friend, significant other, or even teacher happies for your kiddos, we have a variety of gifts at a variety of prices. So here you go! Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2017.

1. Bridgewater Candles
These candles smell good and do good. Bridgewater candles provide meals to orphaned children with every candle purchased. Not only will you be gifting a friend with a yummy smelling candle, you’ll also be gifting an orphaned child.

Valentine’s Day Scent: “Love Notes” & “Kiss in the Rain” 68162d8eb9f607a810c2bd26315af05e

2. Lollia Bath Products  

Lollia is one of my personal favorites. The hand cream is rich in shea butter and smells heavenly. (Pssst, it’s not only for hands. I use a little on my knees and elbows.) There are a variety of products from lotions, to bubble bath and soap. Each scent is feminine and light.

Valentine’s Day Scent: “In Love”


3. Musee Bath Balls

It’s no secret how ahhhhmazing bath balls are, especially after a long exhausting day. These Musee balls are moisturizing and full of essential oils and other natural ingredients that nourish your dry skin. We have a variety of scents and colors available. And I forgot to mention that each ball has a trinket in it. Kids love these!…Who am I kidding… All ages love these!

Valentine’s Scents: Be My Teddy Bear, One Love, & Flowers in Your Hair


4. Rosegold Cosmetic Bags

Rose gold is a trend that we’ve seen all over Pinterest and the fashion world, but what about in cosmetics. Yaasssss! I am loving these rose gold cosmetic bags. They are functional and adorable. Pair one of these with a Lollia lotion or Musee bath ball and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Top left: Flat iron/ Curling iron case perfect for girls on the go. You can put your flat iron in the case when it’s still hot. How cool is that?

Top right: Bowling ball cases are perfect for traveling with bigger cosmetics items, such as facial cleansers, hair products, etc. (Pst, that Naked Eye Shadow Pallete would fit perfectly.;) )

Bottom middle: The fold over case is perfect for everyday cosmetic items such as foundations, eye liners, mascara, etc.


5. Cake in a Mug

Yum, Yum, Yummmm.  I don’t know what else I can say about these babies! They are easy and as delicious as they sound. Just add water and BAM! you have a yummy sweet treat. These are available in the gift set (mug + mix) or in single packets (mix).


6. Stationary

This pineapple journal is definitely bright & bold. Sometimes you need pretty stationary to get inspired. This would make a great Valentine’s happy! We also have some really cute head phone holders, page markers, bookmarks, and a bunch of other cute journals and stationary items in store.


7. Cement Heart Planters

Who would have thought that a cement planter would have made it to the gift guide?? Since succulents are all the rage, I just couldn’t resist this cute, fun gold foil heart planter. If you’re like me and you tend to kill every plant in sight then you need to check out our AllyOops succulents! We’ve got a variety of “faux” succulents and rocks to create your own “faux” succulent garden. (..Psssst, you can’t kill plastic ;)..)


8. Mariana Jewelry

Mariana jewelry is definitely the perfect Valentine’s day gift. (Ladies, you might want to throw some hints towards your special someone!) Wether it’s earrings, a guardian angel necklace, or a stunning bracelet. Mariana is beautifully unique and there are styles to fit every personality.


9. Brighton

Brighton has everything from rings to purses, to badge reels and coin purses. My favorite new Brighton piece is the Christo. It’s a metal bangle with interchangeable leather inserts! You’ve got to check them out. But if you really want to WOW someone for Valentine’s Day, Check out their Purses. They are timeless and stunning.










10. Gift Card

When all else fails, and you need just a last minute happy for a friend. Grab a sweet card and a gift card from AllyOops. You can never go wrong with that kinda gift…

So, there ya go! Just a couple of my favorite gifts this year. I hope this gift guide has made your Valentine shopping just a little bit easier. But if you are still stumped, stop on by AllyOops and see us. We will do our very best to help you make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.



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