Making your home your dream FARM HOUSE…

Ever since I discovered Chip and Joanna Gaines, my love and admiration for their timeless farm house style has blossomed. I constantly dream of farm sinks, subway tiles, and distressed wooden beams. After I had the Magnolia experience in Waco, it inspired me to live “in the now” and make my current home my farmhouse dream home. Why do I have to wait when I can decorate and create the feel of a farm house with placemats, floral/magnolia picks, and vintage accent pieces. Maybe one day I’ll live in my dream farm house, but until then, these are some of my favorite farmhouse inspired home decor pieces…

  1. Leafy wreaths..Ah yessss!! Greenery is a must for that farmhouse style. Vases and containers filled with your favorite picks (flowers or leafy steams) add life to your home and give your home that farm house vibe. I also added this fun, leafy wreath (pictured left) over my fireplace, it makes my living room feel fresh.  Here’s an example picture that I got off Pinterest. I’ll have to take a snap shot of mine and post it  in the comments for you guys later.

W3702155_1_grandeScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.15.31 PM.png

2. Placemats… I have recently become obsessed with tea towels, placemats, and plates. It’s so easy to change out all these pieces and you’ll be surprised how it changes the entire look of the room. I love these round jute placemats. They are perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season.

3. Kitchen Accessories.. I feel like the focus of a farm house is always the kitchen. It’s adding pops of color and displaying your favorite pieces on a wooden floating shelf that gives a kitchen that farm house feel.. Just like the picture below I love displaying my favorite kitchen accessories. And if they’re cute and functional..well, that’s a plus!


My new absolute favorite kitchen accessory is my ceramic measuring cup set. I love the pop of color and for some reason they always make me happy when I’m cooking (which is something I absolutely hate to do!). They also look great displayed on my floating shelves.


Another farm house must is a set of cute canisters. Storage is so important, especially in a kitchen. I love these white tin canisters. I actually mixed these with some old vintage silver tin ones I found at a flea market.


Okay, so I couldn’t resist this cute ceramic, printed rolling pin. When I use it I feel like I should be on one of those swanky cooking shows. And of course you need a white utensil container to store it in. Am I right or am I right?? 🙂

utensils_1bc98ebd-5569-4a62-baba-12cd74ad578f_grande    da7736_2_

So here’s to living in the now and making your current house your favorite farm dream home. I did and I could not be any more content and happy with how my home feels. All of these pieces are from AllyOops Farmhouse Collection. Click here to shop this collection.

 Feel free to share some of your favorite farm house accessories in the comments below. I’d love to see what you guys do to add that farm house charm to your home. Or if you have any great DIY farm house projects your working on, I’d love to see pictures!



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