Good Things #2

20170509_123942.jpgSo thankful for today!

It was really nice to see the Business of the Month sign from the Pearl Chamber in front of the store today. It is such an honor to serve the community doing something I love.

I enjoyed a pedicure. After several long days and late nights of working the relaxation time was much needed.  The girls came with me and even though we were tired and did not chat or laugh as much as we normally do, spending the time together was good.

What was especially good about today was watching my two daughters friendship as young women grow.  After our pedicure they went out to eat dinner, just the two of them, since I had to get home. I pray they continue to grow closer and share in each others lives.

I enjoyed home-grown potatoes and tomatoes for dinner, a nice walk with the dog afterwards, and finally a very competitive game of scrabble and backgammon with the hubby.

Listening to the crickets tonight as I write this, just another good thing. 🙂

These were just a few of the good things today. Thank you Lord!





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