Good Things #4


Having a best friend is a really good thing, a really great thing actually. Today my best friend, Lisa, sent me a “vintage” workout video I had been looking for. It is a VHS and those are sometimes hard to find. My video got eaten by the VCR some time ago and during recent visit with Lisa, I was telling her how great it was and that I wished I had another one. She found it online and bought it for me, how thoughtful and sweet.  We got to chat a little on the phone today and that is always a good thing.

Today was very productive in the store front. A day that began slow, probably because many people were out shopping at Canton Flea Market, ended busy and that is a good thing. I made progress on my special projects. I have some meetings set up next week and after I see how that turns out, I might be inclined to share a little more about what I have in the works.

I did something I normally don’t do, sometimes it is a good thing to break up your routine or habits. Usually once I get to the store I don’t leave until it is time to go home for the day, but today I took a break from working and ran over to the new farmers market with Caitlin. Doris Berry’s Farmers Market just opened a new location in town and I had to check it out. We bought a nice looking assortment of yummy veggies. For tonight dinner is steak and peppers, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (so good). If you are local you should check it out, really great service and veggies.


Today was pretty ordinary, just a lot of little good things. It reminds me of a sign we have in the store “Enjoy the gift of this ordinary day”. I wrote a paper in college about ordinary days. I will have to share it with you some time. Ordinary days are a good thing!




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