Good Things #5 & 6

So here are a few good things that happened the last couple of days. Friday night we finally got to eat at Half Shell. Every time we have gone to eat there in the past the wait was too long, but Friday night we decided to wait it out and it was pretty good.

This morning as I pulled into the store parking lot I saw both my daughters cars parked side by side. It always makes my heart happy on the days I see them both there. Even though we sometimes anoy each other I absolutely love working with them.

Tonight, after a long day at the store selling and wrapping up gifts, we went to eat at Mud Bugs. The whole family went and it was nice to just sit, eat shrimp, and listen to the great music playing. The performance tonight was by Chad Wesley Band.

And finally a really great thing that happened tonight, I came home to a wonderfully clean house. Rick spent his entire day cleaning the house. It looked and smelled wonderful. Thank you, Ricky.




One thought on “Good Things #5 & 6

  1. I love how uplifting and positive you are. Love your stores, and that you carry. Keep up the good work.


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