Good Things #8 & 9


#8 I have so many good things to be thankful for. They are everywhere.  As I worked from home yesterday I sat in my dining room and watched a multitude of beautiful birds, squirrels and bunnies play in my front yard. It was a pretty sight to see. Later, on a walk with the dog, I saw a flock of geese flying overhead. They are loud birds but very graceful and interesting to watch flying in formation. As I walked along I could smell the magnolias in the trees and I noticed all the wild black berries beginning to grow bright red. God’s creation is a beautiful good thing. Yesterday was a reminder to slow down a little and take life in, it’s happening all around me.

#9 Today, Bethany and I took a quick road trip to a meeting about a project we have in the works. It was a nice ride and a beautiful day. I left the meeting feeling positive and with quite a bit more work to do. But overall it was a really good meeting that hopefully will lead to good things to share. Since we were on the road, I splurged and enjoyed a Ward’s burger and root beer. You just can not match the Ward’s root beer, I don’t know how they do it but it is amazing!

Another good thing about today is that we had online orders to mail! We have been working on this website for a long time and it is finally looking like we imagined. Check it out later in the week for new arrivals

A really good thing happened later in the day, Bethany decided she wanted to learn how to sew. We bought her a pattern and some cute summer plaid shirting material. It will be fun to work with her on the project. My MawMaw taught me to sew when I was really young. Some of my best memories are sewing with her. Anytime we needed clothes or just about anything that could be sewn, we would have sewing “marathons” as we called them. I would be cutting and she would be sewing and vice versa.

Rick met us for dinner at an old favorite place, Fratesi’s. The service and food is always so good. We talked, laughed and recounted the days events.

Today was such a good thing! I loved every moment of it. I hope your day was filled with good things.



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