Artisan Spotlight: Novi Creations

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.52.25 AMMeet Shauna. Artist. Designer. Expert in all things copper. Shauna is the owner of Novi Creations. Novi Creations is a jewelry line that focuses on repurposing old, seemingly worthless material into beautiful jewelry.

We wanted y’all to get to know her and her business a little better..So we set out to ask her just a few questions. Here’s what she had to say, and we are absolutely speechless..

When and Why did you decide to start your own business? 

Novi started as a side job, raising extra money to go on mission trips or tending to the growing needs of 3 kids in a full time ministry household and quickly became a jewelry making business based out of (and still is) my in home studio…AKA dining room, in order to continue to be at home with my children.  Would you believe I said I would never make jewelry!? “It is an inundated industry”… so, here I am, making jewelry.  Jewelry that has a story and reflects my life and style – unique and new.   Although I am the jewelry designer and creator, Novi couldn’t exist without my husband who now, not only serves as a Navy Chaplain, but finds time to take the pictures, create and build display and set designs and do a little marketing. We are definitely a team.

Why Novi, what does it mean? 

I love second looks and second chances. I believe with proper care and nurture there is hope for everyone and everything. Too often life quietly passes by, waiting for someone discover it’s potential. Whether it is discarded materials or discarded people, we all need someone who is willing to look beyond the obvious and dare to see what could be. Someone who lingers when everyone else has walked away.

In my art and jewelry I am constantly trying to capture this vision. Whether repurposed or recycled, I try hard to capture and celebrates the uniqueness of each piece. 

True value comes when we understand what it was once like to be discarded..”I was dead and of no value.  But God, rich in mercy made me alive, new, full of life in Christ Jesus.”  Ephesians 2:1-9

Hence, “Novi”, an old bohemian word meaning “new”.  It’s the story of my life as well as the jewelry I create.

Why do you choose to repurpose and recycle your materials? 

I happened upon a fair trade sari silk company when I first started designing. I loved the life giving opportunities these purchases brought as well as the unique textures they add to my designs.  Now both recycled silks as well as other natural elemants are used in my creations. 

What’s your favorite design? 

The exciting new design idea, Gypsy Ribbon, was actually my husbands. And would now be considered my favorite! Inspired by our love for travel and keeping with the heart and style of Novi, each Gypsy Ribbon bracelet reflects the textures and colors of our National Parks. Seven bracelets in one, these wraps feature hand cut leathers, natural copper, fair trade sari silks, and earthy gemstones combined in single strands and joined with strong yet beautiful snap clasps to create a layered look. Each strand can also be worn separately for the simple style and some Gypsy Ribbon bracelet designs can also be doubled as necklaces as well. Hence our slogan for Novi’s newest line, “Gypsy Ribbon. An interchangeable design for every occasion.”

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