Halloween: What does it mean to me?

When we lived in Madison, I loved everything about Halloween. The costumes. The candy. Everything!! Every year we would rush to party city (or the fabric store, if my mom felt crafty that year) in search for the perfect costume.  I remember me and my best friend, Hunter, dragging my mom door to door searching for all the homes with the “good” candy. We would then go home and my dad would check all the candy to make sure it was “safe” (To this day, I really think he did that just to steal our good candy. lol.) Then me and my sister would stay up on a sugar high all night. That’s what Halloween used to mean. Playing Dress up & tons and tons of candy.

But soon that all changed. *dramatic music*

We moved….to a little ole town called Puckett, MS. Okay, so I don’t know if any of you know this or not, but there is a serious shortage of houses that pass out candy in the country!! As a kid, I was seriously distraught when I realized that no one was passing out candy on Halloween night. So there I was all upset because I couldn’t dress up and go house to house…And what did my dad do?


He set up their master bathroom to be a “Johnson Halloween Festival”. He had spooky decorations and candles. Bobbing for apples in the Jacuzzi tube. And Carmel apples made specially for me. We then ate all my favorite candy and stayed up watching older (not so scary) Scary Movies. #ParentWin

After that night Halloween changed… It changed from a night that we dressed up and ran off with friends to go find the best candy, to a holiday focused on making memories with the people I love most. To this day we still celebrate Halloween, without the bobbing apples, but with scary movies and making yummy treats. So that’s what Halloween means to me. Family. Laughing till we cry. Old Movies. And of course lots of yummy treats and candy. 

***Let me know what your favorite Halloween memory/tradition is in the comments below!***

I hope you guys have a Happy Halloween!





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