The GRAPHIC TEE:: How to style it so no one knows you just rolled out of bed.

Okay, so we’ve all been there. Roll out of bed, look at the clock, and HOLY JALAPEñOS. You are late (again)! This is me all day, everyday. I rock the messy bun look 99.9% of the time, but when it comes to fashion, messy isn’t cute. That’s where graphic tees come into play. Ahhhh, the graphic tee. Graphic tees have become my saving grace, time and time again.. So how can you style a graphic tee and totally get away with it at work and look socially acceptable? Well stay tuned my friend, I’m going to let you in on my all time favorite ways to style a graphic tee…


edit grace wins

Tuck it

The front tuck. A trick I use all the time. I find that it elongates my legs (i.e. making my feel and look taller) It also brings a look together, making you look more purposeful and put together rather than “Oops, I just rolled out of bed”. If you are lucky enough to wear skinnies to work, front tuck your graphic tee in your skinnies, and wear a fun heel or cute sandal. If you have to look more professional, front tuck your graphic tee into your black slacks, pair with a black heel, and blazer.

Knot it

The knot. Doskirt edites anyone else feel like everything is knotted now a days. I don’t mind though. This style tip can make a baggy graphic tee look more slimming and professional. I typically knot a graphic tee when I’m wearing a skirt or a flare jean. I’ve learned that when wearing a skirt, if you front tuck a graphic tee, it can make your back side appear a little bigger, so the knot is definitely a better option. (Just another styling tip::  When wearing a tighter/fitting top, balance the look with a looser bottom and vise versa.) Unless you have the body of a goddess than rock tight on tight girlfriend! But not I.



Bling it

This is my favorite 5 minute fix when I’m running late and I have to look professional for interviews or meeting. It’s my two fashion loves, accessories + graphic tees. I simply pair my favorite graphic tee with a statement necklace, add my favorite black slacks or skinnies and off to work I go.



Layer it

And lastly, layer it up! This look can be a little more casual. Which is perfect for casual Fridays. I typically like to pair my graphic tee with a popcorn cardigan  during fall or a fun print kimono during spring/summer.




So, there ya go! These are a few of my favorite graphic tee styling tips. Feel free to use them as you please. You can check out all of these looks at AllyOops or at

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