Cinnamon Rolls: The sweet snack that takes me back.

CINNAMON ROLLS! There is something about a homemade cinnamon roll that makes me feel like I’m tip toeing on a stool, in my Grammy’s 1950’s style kitchen with the check flooring, sun pouring through the tall windows, flour spread over the counter top, cabinets left open, mixing bowls piled in the sink, and her beautiful, carefree singing voice echoing off the walls.

All of these memories and feelings came rushing back to me when I came across this Brown Butter Cinnamon Roll recipe by Audra (@audra_TheBakingChick). It also made me wonder, when was the last time I cut loose in the kitchen, got a little messy, and made homemade cinnamon rolls? Well, it has been long enough my friend.

So stay tuned for our rendition of this yummy recipe. I hope you carve out a little extra time in your hectic schedule to make something that brings back happy memories and takes you to a place of absolute innocence and brings out that childlike, carefree spirit we all have within.

Check out the recipe here. And let me know what food brings back special memories for you in the comments below!


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