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Here at AllyOops we are focused on supporting small businesses and the community around us, but what we value even more than that are products that give back to the community. Whether it be through volunteering or donating proceeds towards specific causes, here are a few of our favorite brands that give back…

OakRiver: Purses (and leather goods) with Purpose.

OakRiver is a company based out of Georgia. They make high quality leather goods that are tradional and timeless. I personally own a OakRiver bag and love it, but what I love even more is Mitzi’s (creator + founder) and the OakRiver Team’s desire to give back. They are envolved is serveral charities worldwide, including Redefin’d, Africa New Life Ministries, The Abba House/Grace village, Lizzy’s Legacy, and Purple Heart Homes. One of my favorites being Redefin’d. Redefin’d is an amazing ministry and non profit that give women in prison facilities manufacturing work. By working, this nonprofit pays them fair wadges and gives them this money unpon release. They focus on offering these women on the job training, life skills, and transitional housing upon release. Their goal is to break the cycle of imprisonment and make a positive impact on these women’s lives.  You can read more about the legacy they intend on leaving here.

Bridgewater: #LightACandleFeedAChild

As most of you know, Bridgewater + Rice Bowls have a special place in my heart. I recently had the oppurtunity to go to Haiti and see the impact we were making in the Haitian community and these children’s lives. Bridgewater is a candle company based in South Carolina. For every Bridgewater candle purchased, a child is feed for the day. Bridgewater alone is responsilbe for providing over 1 million meals to orphaned children. They are able to do this through the Rice Bowls Foundation. Rice Bowls takes the money donated by Bridgewater Candle Co. and goes to countries like Haiti. Once in Haiti (and other countries), they give the money to orphanges they sponser. This feeds the local orphans and supports the local market economy. (Win, Win!) You can read more here.

GoodWorks: Jewelry that Inspires + Helps

Goodworks was created by Helena Cho. She combined her love for missions and helping people with her love of fashion forward looks. Thus she created GoodWork(s) Makes a Difference, a fashionable jewelry line that inspires and encourages women as well as giving back to charitable causes. She pledeges to give 25% off all procedes to charitable organizations all over the world. A few of those charities are, provide 200,000 salad bowls for the Dream Center, help provide After-School Programs for 28,000 underprevilaged students in the US, provided clean drinking water over seas, and so many more. You can read more here.

Borderland: Helping Close to Home.

Borderland Candle Co. is a local candle company based right here in Pearl, MS. These candles are soy based and smell amazing, but what’s even more amazing is their dedication to providing clean water globally. Clean water is something we take for granted. I know I do. You get home soak in a warm bath or take a steaming hot shower, you go to the faucet whenever you need to get cool, refrshing clean water, and we run the dishwasher constantly. Well, other countries and communities aren’t so lucky. Borderland Candles have made it their mission to help out through Hydrating humanity. Hydrating Humaniy provides drinking wells all over the world. They provide Hand Dug Wells, Artesian Wells, and Drilled Wells. To see how you can contribute click here.

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