The worst day of the year.

You read that right. The absolute worst day of the year is the day we decide to take down all of the beautiful Christmas decorations and pack them up in dusty boxes until next year. Some (like my mother) find it therapeutic, but I find it just plain sad. So, if you find yourself like… Continue reading The worst day of the year.


2018 Johnson Family Cookie Contest

The Johnson Family Cookie Contest for 2018 was a HUGE success! I say that literally because some of the cookies were as big as my plate. Sometimes we get carried away but Oh! What fun! We started this family tradition five years ago in effort to cook up some Christmas Cheer! Our schedules had been… Continue reading 2018 Johnson Family Cookie Contest


The Stocking!

Christmas morning. I slip slowly out of my room. Christmas tree lights are glowing. My sleepy eyes search the pile of shiney foil paper wrapped gifts for the crown jewel. The stocking.  I can't wait for the excitement and surprise of what is hidden inside my stocking! I try to sneak a peak, but my mom has wrapped each and every item in my stocking so my… Continue reading The Stocking!