The Stocking!

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Christmas morning. I slip slowly out of my room. Christmas tree lights are glowing. My sleepy eyes search the pile of shiney foil paper wrapped gifts for the crown jewel. The stocking.  I can’t wait for the excitement and surprise of what is hidden inside my stocking! I try to sneak a peak, but my mom has wrapped each and every item in my stocking so my efforts are thwarted. I must wait til she is awake. She would fill my stocking with the most wonderful treasures. It was amazing all the goodies she could stuff in that stocking. The latest eye shadow colors, fuzzy socks, scrunchies, a swatch watch, neon earrings, Rubics cube, and vintage jewelry from the thrift store. I don’t even remember what my stocking looked like, only the treasures inside it, but it must have been bottomless for it held endless joy each Christmas.

Such a delightful childhood experience must be turned into a tradition. So when I became a mom I did my best to recreate the magical fun of the stocking. I would always search out fun little treasures to fill my girls stockings. Stuffing the stockings full until they overflowed and looked like santa’s coat bursting at the seams after too many cookies. And of coarse I wrapped each and every item.

Even though my girls are both grown, I still stuff their stockings with goodies. While I can’t tell you what they will get in their stockings this year because they might read this blog, I can tell you some of my favorite stocking stuffers at AllyOops. I hope you will stop by and see for yourself all the wonderful stocking stuffers we have in store, then you can fill up your stockings til they are bursting with magical surprise!

My number one stocking stuffer this year is Standing on the Word scripture socks. These socks are made in the U.S.A., super soft, and fit really well.


Restoration bath balms. Always a go to stocking stuffer. Made right here in Rankin county these bath balms smell as amazing as they are beautiful.


Galaxy Glister. Add a little shine and shimmer to the holiday with this fun glitter gel. This innovative new product was created by a Jackson local and made right here in the U.S.A.


Therapy dough. Stress relief in a pinch. This dough has a calming effect with its all natural essential oils.


Muscadine Press scripture journals. Support another local when you purchase these beautiful scripture journals.


Yazoo toffee. A Mississippi mom and daughter team make this amazing toffee. You must make time to try this one, it will melt in your mouth.




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