2018 Johnson Family Cookie Contest

The Johnson Family Cookie Contest for 2018 was a HUGE success! I say that literally because some of the cookies were as big as my plate. Sometimes we get carried away but Oh! What fun!

We started this family tradition five years ago in effort to cook up some Christmas Cheer! Our schedules had been excruciating, long hours and days. Because of this, we had not gotten to do some of the usual family holiday rituals. Needless to say, Christmas cheer was in poor supply around our house and we needed to make some time for one of the most important blessings in life, FAMILY. What better way to spread some cheer than with cookies and family? Right? That’s when it all began. I can’t remember whose idea it was to do this every year, but if I had to guess it was Bethany’s (the cookie monster). That girl can put down some cookies.

Now, each year, we set a date and secretly choose our cookie recipes. We all scour the internet looking for the perfect cookie that is sure to be a winner. We keep a mug, for milk of course, and put the winners name on it each year. This year’s winner, Caitlin Johnson! Her Hot Cocoa cookie was amazing! It tasted just like homemade hot cocoa. And, she always has the best presentation. Yes, we have judging criteria too. Presentation, Taste, Creativity.

The line up goes as follows this year and it was really hard to choose. Rick made chocolate covered, homemade ice cream filled, peanut butter cookies. Jonathan made Mudslide cookies. This one was great because of the combination of flavors. It was chocolate with coffee, Kaluha, and a light sprinkling of salt on top. Bethany made Buck Eye cookies that tasted exactly like Buck Eye candy. And I made Texas Sheet Cake cookies that reminded me of the chocolate sheet cake my Maw Maw would make. On any given day you could stop by her house and chances were very good that there was a chocolate sheet cake ready and waiting on the kitchen counter. My Paw Paw had a bit of a sweet tooth.

So there it is, the 2018 line up. We will post the 2018 recipes on our website asap and let you know when you can view them.

I must say we have compiled some really great recipes over the years. I was thinking about all the cookies of Christmas past and thought, I should share these recipes with my friends. And then I thought, I should get their favorite recipes too!

So, if you would please comment below with your favorite cookie recipe and a picture if you have one, for your chance to win a Christmas Cookie Contest Starter Kit (everything you need to start your own family tradition) and $100 giftcard to AllyOops! You may also email your recipe and picture to

We will be accepting entries til December 25th, 2018 and will announce the winner December 28th. All recipes received will be published in a Cookie Contest Cookbook so please give credit where credit is due.


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