The worst day of the year.

You read that right. The absolute worst day of the year is the day we decide to take down all of the beautiful Christmas decorations and pack them up in dusty boxes until next year. Some (like my mother) find it therapeutic, but I find it just plain sad. So, if you find yourself like me and not quite ready to pack up everything merry + bright stay tuned. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to transition Christmas decor into festive Winter decor.

Leave the garland. 

Who said garlands have to be “Christmas-y”. The key to keeping your garland up another month (or two!) is simple. Make sure to take everything off of it that is “Christmas-y”.  Meaning ornament balls, floral picks that scream Christmas, everything. I actually prefer to strip my garland down to it’s bare bones (leaving just the fir, eucalyptus, or magnolia leaf garland or whatever you use.)

This is where it gets fun, especially if you love DIY projects. This year I decided to add a wood bead garland into my eucalyptus garland. It adds that festive touch without being too “Christmas-y”. You can create the wood bead garland or buy one online. I decided to get crafty and make one. I found a great tutorial on how to make a eucalyptus wreath + wood bead garland at Oleander + Palm. Check it out here.


I also found this blogger who hung her DIY wood wreath with no greenery. I thought it was simple, but beautifully done. You can check out her tutorial here.


You can also create a orange and clove garland to wrap around your garland. My mom is originally from Florida so she loves this idea and said she wanted to make one for January. You can check out Sarah Elizabeth Shumate’s blog for a DIY tutorial here.

Don’t get rid of the tree just yet.

Christmas trees add a magical feel to the air that I’m not ready to part with right after Christmas. So if you have a tree, just strip it free of ornaments, leave the lights on, and leave it up for a little longer. I would even add a little basket or change the tree skit out to a cable knit, so it doesn’t look so “Christmas-y” And come on, everyone loves falling asleep on the sofa, with the light of the Christmas tree twinkling, and good movie on. Right?? I sure do!

Check out these Pins I found. The basket one is my favorite!

Change the Door Wreath.

Most people have a festive “Christmas-y” door hanger or wreath, but there’s no need to strip your door just because the holiday season is over. Simply change your current wreath or door hanger out for a beautiful fresh fir, or a simple magnolia wreath.


And just like that you transitioned your Christmas decor to beautiful Winter decor. So don’t put that tree up so fast and leave that garland out a little longer. There are still halls to be decked and times to be merry.




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