How to style: The Lazy Susan Edition

The Lazy Susan: The handy little tray that spins and is {oh so!} handy when you are entertaining. We’ve had several people ask us how to style a Lazy Susan for everyday use. So we searched Pinterest and found a few images of how we like to style our Lazy Susan’s.



Artwork: If you have a beautiful Lazy Susan, why not prop it upas a piece ofartwork, especially if you have one that is personalized. I love how this blogger propped her’s up on a book shelf. You could use the Lazy Susan on your shelves {like pictured} or even propped up against your backsplash in your kitchen, that way everyone can read and admire your Lazy Susan.



Just the Essentials: If you use your Lazy Susan daily, then we recommend styling it with all the essentials. We love how this blogger styled it with salt + pepper shakers and napkins. You can leave this in the center or your table and then add your favorite candle or a vase of flowers for a “home-y” feel.



3699904825c8da71a82274bf95956badLiving Room Decor: Another great way to style your Lazy Susan is to display it in the living room. We love how this blogger styled her Lazy Susan with books, greenery, and a cute vase. You can get creative and display all your favorite pieces on your lazy Susan.



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