Beach Necessities: What we won’t be caught without!

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.11.12 AM

It’s officially beach season! It seems like everyone is running off to the beach, lake, or pool! So wherever you find yourself this summer, here are our top favorite beach/poolside/lake necessities for your summer time fun.

The Perfect Beach Bag: The key to the perfect beach bag is that it needs to be roomy enough to fit all the necessities, but not too big and bulky that it will be weighing you down. We like this straw bag (pictured above). This style bag is all the rage this season, so it’ll be functional at the beach, but then perfect for a day out shopping.O-S101-C14-BHTH_570x

Swig Wine Tumbler: These tumblers are a must have all year long. Wether you are running errands or lounging at the beach, SWIG tumblers will keep your drink ice cold or steaming hot. We personally suggest the wine tumbler for your beach trip. Oh, and maybe a little Wine-A-Rita too!


Glitter SunScreen: Glitter Sunscreen? Why not! Stay protected from the sun, but also glisten like a mermaid. We definitely won’t forget to pack this! (Available in a variety of scents.)

Sandals: Always go for function first…then style. You want a sandal that can pack easily, can get wet, and are easy to slip on and off. We love these gold slides (pictured above). And they’re under $20!

726b681679f13cd82f058fc2a60949a4A Good Read: There is nothing like sticking your toes in the sand and a good book in your hand! Our book club recently finished Where the Crawdad’s Sing, and it did not disappoint! Other books we’ve enjoyed are Big Little Lies, Before We Were Yours, and Anonymous Girl.

Sunnies:  Okay, now this one is a no brainer. The bright white sand and the glare of the sun hitting the water, everyone needs to protect their eyes at the beach. Why not make them super cute! We’ve got a variety of styles in store.

bdac9542a4b40801332735a0d47dee93Scarf Scrunchie: I’ve always loved this 80’s trend and I’m so glad it’s making a come back! Add a pop of color or a fun print to your beach attire.

Beach Towel: When shopping for the perfect beach towel, we pay attention to size + texture. These blanket beach towels are perfect for 2+ people to lay out and enjoy the sun, but they also do a great job drying!

Cute Coverup: So recently, I was cleaning out my closet and I came across this printed, boho dress that I loved, but never wore because of the length. My mom had the brilliant idea to use it as a beach/poolside coverup! Mom’s are genius, why hadn’t I thought of that. Remember to keep your coverup light weight,  but also versatile enough that you could stroll on down to the Beach Grill for lunch!

The Perfect Playlist: And last, but not least! The perfect playlist. For all you music lovers out there. Search Pandora for a calm, relaxing playlist for the beach. My two go to playlists on Pandora are Beach Bar Lounge Radio & Laid Back Beach music Radio.

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