Saving the world, one animal at a time.

If I could, I would save all the animals. Seriously, ask my husband. My obsession with fur babies started sometime when I was young. I can’t pin point an exact moment in life where I hugged a furry little puppy tight and whispered  in it’s ear, “I think I’ll love and save all of you guys”, but that moment happened. Maybe not exactly like that, but it happened. My compassion and love for animals bloomed and here I am now, as a young adult, striving to rescue God’s furry creatures + supporting companies that do the same along the way.

The older I’ve gotten the more conscientious I am about the companies I purchase from. So, that leads me to this blog post. I found FarmHouse Fresh a few years back and have been using their products in my daily skincare routine since. They are made with only the best ingredients and most of their products are made with all natural ingredients, but that’s not the only reason I love this company.

FarmHouse Fresh, takes a portion of sales and helps rescue farm animals. They have created an animal sanctuary in their hometown. They have rescued tons of animals, from donkeys + horses, to dogs + goats. They even donate to various non profits that help rescue thousands of abused + neglected animals all over the states.

They recently rescued a dairy cow that was going to be sent to the auction. Many cows + other farm pets are sent to auctions all over the country, with an unknown outcome, most being auctioned and sent to the slaughter house. FarmHouse Fresh makes it their mission to save animals like Mama Cow by giving them a new start. They also recently saved two young calves, one being very sickly.65309853_2575101009169712_448464009553772544_n

You can support their mission by purchasing any of their products. You can also keep up with their latest rescue stories here. If you want to try out a few of their products we recommend..

  • Pink Moon Shea butter — Perfect for moisturizing dry, parched skin.
  • Honey Heel Glaze — The treatment your dry heels + feet need.
  • Guac Star face mask — Perfect for hydrating and balancing your skin during these hot summer months.

Thanks for reading + helping us save all the animals!



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