Honey, take care of yourself.

You know what they say, a tablespoon of honey a day, keeps the allergies away. But what else is honey used for? Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps calm the skin and promote tissue rejuvenation. Well, I've got some great tips of how to incorporate honey into your daily/weekly beauty routine.  First up… Continue reading Honey, take care of yourself.


Saving the world, one animal at a time.

If I could, I would save all the animals. Seriously, ask my husband. My obsession with fur babies started sometime when I was young. I can't pin point an exact moment in life where I hugged a furry little puppy tight and whispered  in it's ear, "I think I'll love and save all of you… Continue reading Saving the world, one animal at a time.


A little D.I.Y: All purpose Cleaner

Spring Cleaning is a real thing, but so is Summer Sanitation in my house! Every spring I clean out and organize, but as soon as everything has a proper home and is neat and tidy. I sanitize and deep clean from ceiling to floor, room by room; however, with more and more articles and studies… Continue reading A little D.I.Y: All purpose Cleaner


Beach Necessities: What we won’t be caught without!

It's officially beach season! It seems like everyone is running off to the beach, lake, or pool! So wherever you find yourself this summer, here are our top favorite beach/poolside/lake necessities for your summer time fun. The Perfect Beach Bag: The key to the perfect beach bag is that it needs to be roomy enough to… Continue reading Beach Necessities: What we won’t be caught without!

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Spring Beauty: SKIN CARE

The flowers budding from a deep sleep, leaves filling the once bare trees, and the butterflies fluttering around. Spring is {almost} in full bloom. This is personally my favorite season, everything that was once dull and dead is now lively and beautiful. But plants aren't the only thing that appears to be dead and dull.… Continue reading Spring Beauty: SKIN CARE